Welcome to Blakeney SC Club Shop

JLPSC have been working with ‘The Old Salt Loft’ to produce a range of clothing which are now available to order from this Webshop. 

Any purchase you make helps the Club with 20% of the sale price goes straight into Club funds. 


Featured Products

  •  Blakeney Men’s polo shirt  Design
     Blakeney Men’s polo shirt  Thumbnail
  • Blakeney Beanie Design
    Blakeney Beanie Thumbnail
  • Blakeney Ladies Polo Shirt Design
    Blakeney Ladies Polo Shirt Thumbnail
  •  Blakeney Hoodie Contrast Design
     Blakeney Hoodie Contrast Thumbnail
  • Blakeney Mens Soft Shell Jacket Design
    Blakeney Mens Soft Shell Jacket Thumbnail
  • Blakeney Ladies Softshell Gilet Design
    Blakeney Ladies Softshell Gilet Thumbnail
  • Blakeney SC Cozy Robe Design
    Blakeney SC Cozy Robe Thumbnail
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